venerdì 20 aprile 2018

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Foreign rights

Scienza Express is an independent publisher launched in 2010 and rooted in a deep passion for science, research, web and books. We are a dynamic team with a wide network of researchers, science writers and journalists.

Scienza Express’ claim is "leggere oggi per capire il domani" ("read today to understand the future"). Citizens of the knowledge society need books about science, because science is and will be a relevant part of our everyday life.

Scienza Express likes Italo Calvino and the idea of "lightness" (to quote his Six Memos For The Next Millennium). Our books are deep and light; agile and light; rigorous and light; interesting and light. And in the future we will experiment with other ways of being light.

Scienza Express places great trust in quality. Selection is an important tool to direct our present and future choices. That means publishing books by authors involved in science.

Scienza Express loves details, and we hope we are able to take care of every detail.

If you are interested in receiving a list of titles available for translation, please contact us and you will receive the required information.

If you think you have a book for translation into Italian, please send us a description and you will receive our greatest attention.

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